Are you a business owner who’s tired of managing your brand and online presence?

And never mind having time to write all these blogs people are talking about?

If so, relax.

You’re in the right place.


It’s time to evolve.


I’m so glad you’re here.

Hi!  I’m Deanne Marie and I provide creative direction for entrepreneurs, small business owners and non-profits so they can reach their ideal clients and transform people’s lives.


It’s a slightly evolved blog. Find practical tips and the latest information for small business owners about branding, marketing, media relations and work+life.

Who is Deanne Marie  … more importantly, how can she help you with creating content and a creative vision for your online presence?

From website and brand presence reviews to writing copy for all your online needs, and even media relations, we’ve got you covered.




The fastest path to clarity and focus for your ideal client,
personal brand and marketing strategy.

One hour with Deanne and I felt more clear on what I needed to do rather than trying to come up with something by myself for weeks. She brings clarity, delight and excitement to a process that can be otherwise daunting and murky. I can’t recommend her any more highly!

Joanna Ke

Actor, Script Consultant & Screenwriter

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