One of the most rewarding aspects of what I do is seeing a new entrepreneur or a corporate refugee just starting a side gig come into her own as a business owner. To find her voice, get clear on her brand, write her first book, and get her online empire totally aligned and in sync with her vision.

That’s why I created the Brilliant Brand Academy – to help entrepreneurs like you shine online with a cohesive, beautiful brand, a bestselling book and a brilliant blog. If that sounds yummy to you, please click the button below and hop over to the Academy’s website to learn more and enroll.

These courses are full of practical advice, lots of hands-on training and actionable steps that will get your branding on point, your book (finally) finished, and your blog up and running, or refreshed and renewed. Wherever you are in your business journey, your online presence is an extension of you. Let’s make it irresistible to your ideal clients, so you can shine online!

Discover your unique brand and create an irresistible online presence.
Your brand is more than a logo. Your brand is everything! In this course, you’ll discover your unique brand, and then give your online presence a makeover. Your brand will be a cohesive, brilliant reflection of you! You’ll shine online!
Entrepreneurs: get your online assets in order and save yourself a lot of time and money.
Your digital empire is vast. No, really! All those blog posts, freebies, domain names and more are valuable assets of your business. Keep them organized at your fingertips and maybe even save some money, too!
When you write a book, you’re creating a literary extension of your brand. You’ll learn how to launch your book to bestseller status – and then leverage your bestseller to become an authority and expert in your field!
Your blog can bring your ideal clients to your site, and keep them coming back! This is like summer camp for your blog; you’ll get loads of ideas for content creation and develop a blogging schedule that makes sense for your business.

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