Tips for assessing and improving your brand presence online.

How to Use Handwritten Notes to Build Your Brand

What if there was a way to convey to potential clients and partners that your brand means quality, attention to detail, service, and more? There is! The secret lies in using handwritten notes to connect with the people you want to get to know—and you want them to get to know you and your brand.

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How a Brand Board Saves You Time and Money

As an entrepreneur, you probably wear many hats. And whether you’re creating your own marketing materials and social media graphics or farming those out, a brand board can save you precious time and money. Read on for more, and for a free brand board template!

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Design Speak 101: How to Work with a Graphic Designer

Working with a designer to create your logo or website can be one of the greatest joys in an entrepreneur's life. And, it can be a challenge. Design speak can sound like a foreign language, with the client lost for translation. Here's the entrepreneur's interpretive guide to the world of design.

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