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I still remember sitting at the kitchen table when I was 13 years old, drawing a goose wearing a chef’s hat with a wooden spoon in its wing-hand.

It was my first logo design—for my mom’s new housewares company, Grand Gourmet Pantry.

Life has come full circle, and I’m once again taking delight in helping business owners define their brand and basically showing them off to the world through their websites, social media and blogs.

A Sample of My Work

Any time I need anything written for my business, I call Deanne. She’s provided us with media opportunities, compelling biographies and website copy, and outstanding graphics for every aspect of my business. She always has great ideas! She’s someone I know I can turn to with almost any request, and she’ll deliver. Nicole Lanni

Founder & CEO, Feeling Groovy Wellness & Cafe

About pages

Your “About” page is most likely one of the first viewed by website visitors (assuming your visitors are average and normal consumers of web content). A great About page:

  • Helps your potential clients know they’re in the right place
  • Showcases your personality and tells your story
  • Builds your “know, like & trust” factor
  • Prepares and invites your visitors to take another step with you

Let me help you craft an About page that does all of this and more!




When I needed a new biography for my website, I turned to Deanne. We talked for about 20 minutes and she absolutely got my vision, and helped to create an About page that is the most visited page of my site. She nailed it, from the story to the tone. I highly recommend her! Larry Broughton

CEO of broughtonHOTELS, Speaker, Bestelling Author, Leadership & Entrepreneur Expert, yoogozi.com


For more than two decades I’ve been creating content for websites, professional profiles, print media, and most recently ghostwriting for books. Plus, literally hundreds of social media posts, magazine articles, newsletters, and blog posts.

How much time and brainpower would you save on thinking of what to write,  writing it, editing it, and don’t forget the joy of proofreading!

What you could do with that time if a copywriter like me was doing all the work for you! You could be running your business because you are its best asset.

Honestly most people who say they’re bad writers are great talkers! They can talk for hours about their industry and their business. It’s their passion. I harness that passion with an all-in-one blog writing service from idea to graphics to publication, either as a one-time article or a monthly subscription of two to four articles. Less head banging for you, more time for you to run your business and have a life!

An active blog can help:

  • build the trust factor for potential clients
  • bring customers back to your site again and again
  • increase engagement from your target audience
  • boost brand awareness
  • improve your Google ranking
  • bring new traffic to your site
  • introduce new products and services
  • raise your expert status in your industry

If you’re ready to provide your target audience with well-written, relevant and shareable content, get in touch to schedule a complimentary consultation call.

Other copywriting services include:

  • Award entries
  • Ghostwriting for books and articles
  • Editing and designing your lead magnet
  • Newsletters, invitations & sales pages
  • Website pages


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