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Whatever sparked your desire to write a book, listen to it.
It’s your genius whispering to you.

I gave in to the book writing bug in the fall of 2009. In June the next year, I picked up my book, Gift Giving for Busy People: The Stress-Free Guide to Find the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion on Any Budget, from the printer in California.

I was elated! My brother, the first person I called with the news, said, “Congratulations! You how have 1,000 doorstops. Now you have to sell them.”

For never having been in the publishing world, my brother was a sales guy—and he was right.

The self-publishing world has come a long way since I wrote my first book. And, I’ve come a long way, too, spending four years as the marketing director for a prolific New York Times #1 bestselling author.

Now, you can take advantage of my experience to help you  finish your manuscript, turn it into a published book, and launch it to bestseller status on Amazon!

Imagine Your Book at #1!

Deanne made the process of finishing my book, Yoga for Chronic Pain … WTF? so much easier than I thought it could ever be. She got me. She understood my voice and my personality. I’m thrilled with the result … I mean, 4 Number 1’s on Amazon the first day?! She’s amazing.

Samantha Parker

Chief Yoga Therapist & CEO, Neoteric Movement Systems, Inc.

Author Coaching Now Available!

My Platinum Author Coaching Package helps authors finish and launch their books on Amazon. And then I show them how to leverage their status as a published author to expand the promotional opportunities for their brand and business.

This package offers a full range of services, including:

  • Organizing your content, and writing additional content where needed.
  • Interior book design, including custom graphics.
  • Creative direction and brainstorming for your subtitle and book cover design.
  • Proofreading and editing.
  • Delivering a Kindle version and paperback manuscript.
  • Guiding you through the business end of your book: setting up your Kindle account, finding a print-on-demand service, and setting up your landing page.
  • Creating a launch marketing plan, including selecting the best categories for your book to reach #1.
  • And much more!

Because of the personal and intensive focus of the Platinum Author Coaching Package, I can only assist one author at a time at this level.

Currently, I am booked out to August 2019. I would love to speak with you about where you are in your author journey, and how I can help. Please click through to schedule a complimentary consultation call.

Other publishing services include:

  • Developing a launch plan―including best category selection
  • Cover design creative direction
  • Creating a media kit + pitch consultation
  • Spark Session to develop your book ideas

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